A hat trick for inclusion


The project “A hat trick for inclusion: recognizing, preventing and contrasting hate speech for more inclusive sport” is supported by Erasmus Plus Programme and it’s guided by Opes.

Our partners organizations are:

  • Svenska Ungodom League 
  • Asociatia Se Poate 
  • Eurocircle Association
  • Aicem Italia 

Our partners organizations

Svenska Ungodom League

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Asociatia Se Poate

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Eurocircle Association 

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Aicem Italia

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Hate speech covers “all forms of expressions that spread, incite, promote or justify racial hatred, xenophobia, anti-semitism or other forms of hatred based on intolerance”. In the last few years, with the rapid development of the new technologies, hate speech has also found new channels of expression which have reached a broad target. Insults, offense, chorus address players, referees, coaches and supporters of the other teams and sometimes translate into actual manifestation of violence. This situation affects individual but also the entire society where marginalization risks to prevail instead of inclusion and participation


Against this background, the project has the following objectives:

1) create, test and experiment an educational sport programme involving young people, youth leaders, educators, trainers, coaches in the sport field at grassroots level to improve their personal and professional competences to develop sport activities also contributing to raise awareness hate speech effects;

2) Favoring a new attitude among young generations playing sport at grassroots level, as a way to support the creation of an open and inclusive environment in which everyone can benefit from the effect of doing sport activities.


Promoting the role of sport as instrument to promote social inclusion, cooperation and citizenship values is the purpose of the project. Yes, but how?

We want to support sport organizations to increase their competences and to enhance the quality of activities. The idea is to create a Training Course based on the existing toolkit/good practices in order to identify the training format.

An International meeting for multipliers inviting participants to be trained will be organized, once back, participants will organize pilot activities in their own realities.

Finally, the results of project will be shared raising awareness campaign and creating video tutorials to be used to contrast hate speech in sport.


In this section we will insert all that concerns the activities of our partners. The project is implemented through the following phases:

First step

  • Kick off meeting to get to know the partners, divide roles concretely, plan and fix internal deadline – Sweden on 17th– 19th January 2020.

Second step

  • Training course in Romania (TBD)

Third step

  • National events: everyone in his/her country will experiment pilot activities. After that International training course for multipliers will be organized, inviting young people interested in sports to be trained in using the toolkit (made of video-tutorials) at national level- France (TBD)

Fourth step

  • The final event for the presentation of the results. Italy (T


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